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Project description

Julian Sartorius and his drumsticks visited the centre of Thun in search of sounds. He is fascinated by different materials and their quality, which largely goes unnoticed to the naked eye. By stopping and listening, seemingly unattractive places are seen in a new light and new visual details emerge. This sound installation is accompanied by a brochure featuring an artistic interpretation of the pre-recorded locations.

Julian Sartorius - CV

Julian Sartorius (*1981 in Thun, lives and works in Bern) is a creative musician, artist and collector of sounds. His work was nominated for the inaugural Schweizer Musikpreis [Swiss music prize] in 2014, and he was awarded the Anerkennungspreis des Kantons Bern [Canton of Bern recognition prize] in 2014 and the Förderpreis der Stadt Thun [Thun recognition award] in 2007.